NOTICE: Some information presented on this Fanon Wiki is unlikely to actually be true but according to what mutations the monsters are and the realisticness of what kind of animal the monster is.

                                   Welcome to the Rampage brawl Wiki!Edit

This is a fan wiki, dedicated to the classic arcade game Rampage; a game all about giant monsters created by humans being transformed into terrible titans!

Unlike Rampage Wiki, we specialize in organising brawls between the game's monsters and allowing the fans to decide who actually comes out on top. We've never seen the monsters get into serious fights with one another, so where better than to discuss which gargantuan would win in tooth-and-claw combat?

There are also other wikis related to Rampage brawl Wiki. For official information regarding everything Rampage-related, visit Rampage Wiki. An alternative to Rampage Wiki is Rampedia. If you want to know some more about the monsters, visit Rampage Monstrologie Wiki. If you a major fan of Rampage, visit Rampage Fanon Wiki to see some floor-breaking fanworks like fan fiction or fan art.

What can You do Here?Edit

It is quite simple my dear friend: create articles about the game's monsters fighting one another! You can also write your very own blogs giving your account upon which monster you think rises above all the others. You can also participate in our forums and polls to decide which monster or monsters are the best.

Rules and PoliciesEdit

Before you contribute to Rampage brawl Wiki, we have some very important rules which are COMPULSORY to abide. They can be read here.

Latest ActivityEdit

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